Top-up with Prepaid Data Reload Card (Voucher) via SelfCare, by Subscriber


  • Subscriber should have an iConnect LTE True 4G Prepaid Data Reload Card (Voucher), of any type (1 Day, 3 Days or 1 Week).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making payment for a Prepaid online purchase via your credit card, please take note that “Pay-Per-Use” charges will apply. Currently, the cost per Megabyte is $.0097/MB with a 128KB resolution (minimum charging will be rounded off to 128KB = $0.0012). This simply means that the cost per Gigabyte of traffic is $10.00/GB. If you wish to use the 1 Day, 3 Days or 1 Week Prepaid service, please purchase the iConnect Prepaid Data Reload Card (Voucher) from Mobil gas stations or iConnect retail shops and load this online via SelfCare into your account to enjoy UNLIMITED web browsing on the iConnect LTE True 4G network.
  • Once a Top-up process is started, it should be completed without interruption. Otherwise the Self Care session may expire which would cause you to repeat the process from the beginning.

1. Connect to Self Care via the MY LTE ACCOUNT link at

2. Enter the provided Prepaid Username and Password to go to My Account page.

3. Go to Prepaid Balance tab and click on Check Prepaid Balance

4. Click on Make Top-up Payment

5. In the Make Payment page choose Voucher as Payment Method and click on Continue.

6. Once the page loads, type in the 8 digit PIN into the Voucher PIN field and click on the Retrieve button.

Note: the 8 digit PIN is available by scratching the specified field from the actual card

7. After clicking on the Retrieve button in the same page, a message will be shown with details about the service.

In the example below, the subscriber will receive Unlimited LTE traffic for 1 day.
Click on the Continue button to proceed.

Note: If you enter the wrong PIN, an error message will be displayed: ‘Voucher PIN is invalid’.

8. After clicking on the Continue button, the next page will ask subscriber to confirm all details entered. Click on the OK button.

9. After clicking on the OK button, the Transaction History page is displayed. Click on ‘Details’ in order to see more information.

10. Click on the Back button to continue your Self Care session or logout if you are finished.