You wanted a better connection.

Clearer voice quality.

Fast internet.

To make your smartphone, smarter.

You wanted phone and data service
with prices that can't be beat.

We listened. We learned. And we built it for you.

Introducing an all-new network made just for you...

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Advanced Network - Simple Plans

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The Most Technologically Advanced Network on Guam

iConnect Advanced 4G LTE is the next generation in voice and data communication.

This entirely new 4G HSPA+/LTE voice and data network from iConnect offers high quality, crystal clear voice service, SMS and high speed mobile data speeds up to 21 Mbps. This brand new end-to-end Alcatel-Lucent built network with the leading 4G technology HSPA+ allows customers to stream, download, upload, and game faster at a higher speed. This means less waiting, more surfing.

To enjoy iConnect Advanced 4G LTE services, subscribers need to have a device that works on HSPA+ 1900mhz. A good resource to check is or The device has to be LTE capable to avail of LTE data services.

iConnect Advanced 4G LTE Postpaid and Prepaid plans are designed to be budget friendly, practical and innovative yet simple to use to allow our customers to enjoy high quality, fast and reliable voice, SMS and high speed mobile data at very affordable prices.