1. Existing iConnect subscribers earn 3 miles for every dollar paid (except Security Deposit and Phone Recovery Cost Due To Early Termination) at iConnect. The 3 Mabuhay Miles For Every Dollar Paid Promo is strictly applicable only for qualified payments made after registration (no retroactive credit for previous payments). 2. To register, subscribers must provide their Mabuhay Miles membership number. The Mabuhay Miles account has to be under the same name as that of the iConnect subscription. 3. For non-Mabuhay Miles members, enrollment is required prior to registration. Subscribers may enroll via www.mabuhaymiles.com. 4. Mabuhay Miles may be used to redeem a Travel Award or a Service Class Upgrade Award. Travel Awards and Service Class Upgrade Awards shall be governed by the Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions; carriage and other related services performed by PAL are subject to PAL’s Conditions of Carriage and the Tariff Regulations as approved by the appropriate government authorities. 5. Subscribed services are subject to iConnect Acceptable Use Policy and other service Terms and Conditions. 6. iConnect and Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Other conditions may apply.