How to Setup Your iConnect Self Care Account

1. Once your monthly invoice is ready for viewing, you will receive an email (shown below) along with a link to the Self Care website. You can log onto this website at anytime to view your invoice, make a secure online payment and manage your account. IMPORTANT: You can only have online access to your invoices by registering for Self Care. You need to do this only once by following the simple steps below.

2. To register for Self Care, log onto and follow the instructions on First Visit located at the lower right part of the screen.

3. After you first click the "HERE" hyperlink, you will be required to identify your account by providing any of the following: Account Number, Phone Number or Invoice Number.

4. Once you have successfully identified your account, click on the OK button and an email notification with instructions on how to set your Self Care access details will be sent to your registered email.

5. An email notification with a link to complete the registration process will be sent to you. By clicking the link you will be redirected to a new browser window.

6. Your username, if you have not personalized one during initial activation at our stores, will be your account number/account code by default. Access detail fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Once the information is completed, click on the OK button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Password requirements:
Password must have at least one uppercase character, three lowercase characters, a digit, and a length between 7 and 25.

7. Once complete, a "Password successfully changed" message will appear.

8. To start using Self Care, simply log back into the website and enter the newly created credentials.

9. During initial access into Self Care, you must agree (by clicking Accept at the bottom of the screen) to the Terms and Conditions in order to proceed.

10. Once you have successfully registered and logged into your Self Care account, you can view your invoice, make secure online payments, view your account summary and so much more.

11. Making secure online paymets can be done by clicking Make Payment.

12. Select the Payment Type and Payment Method and click Continue.

13. Enter the Payment Amount and click Continue.

14. Enter the Credit Card Details as required below and click OK to process.

15. We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

Thank you very much for setting up your iConnect Self Care Account.