How to Reload
For LTE Prepaid Subscribers

Please follow the instructions below on how to use the reload card.

To load value into your Prepaid account:

1. Scratch off the protective coating gently to reveal the Voucher PIN above.
2. Go to
3. Click the MY LTE ACCOUNT link.
4. Enter User Name and Password and press Login button.
5. Once main page is opened, go to Prepaid Balance tab.
6. Press the Check Prepaid Balance link.
7. Select Make Top-up Payment link.
8. Select Voucher as Payment Method and press Continue.
9. Fill in the Voucher PIN and press Retrieve button.
10. A message should be displayed showing what's included in the voucher . Press Continue.
11. The payment confirmation page is displayed. Press OK button.

To check the balance in your prepaid account, dial 555 and press CALL. You will receive a text message indicating your balance.


Not your card? Click here for the Advanced Prepaid reload instructions.