How to read your LTE Bill

1. Invoice Number is a unique document identifying number issued per monthly invoice.

2. Account Number also known as an Account Code is a unique code assigned to a subscriber’s Master Account.

3. Billing period are the dates of actual usage covered on the current invoice. The invoiced period, on the other hand, covers the past month (or Billing Period) and the current month where the billed Monthly Access or Monthly Recurring Charges pertain to. Your first bill will show the date of activation up until the end of the current Billing Period.

4. Due Date is the date when the full payment of the invoice is due. Credit cards for customers with automatic payment/automatic debit option will be charged the Amount Due on the specified due date.

5. Amount Due is the total of the balances on the account for the invoiced period. Charges, payments and invoices billed to the account (Bill to Account) will only reflect on the invoice after the invoice generation date (2nd of the month). Such charges to the account after invoice generation date will appear on the invoice of the next billing period.

6. Account Summary shows the components of the total amount due on an account. Charges are listed per line item on Previous Charges and Bill to Account (not shown in the sample invoice) balances, total monthly New Charges, applicable taxes, fees and surcharges on all the Service Agreements of a Master Account.

7. Previous Charges are amounts from previous invoice balances and last payment(s) received within invoice cut-off date.

8. New Charges list new charges incurred by all Service Agreements including Monthly Charges for the current month and the corresponding taxes, fees and surcharges, one time charges, other charges and credits, and total usage for the past month (Billing Period).

9. For ease of payment please present this stub when making payment at any of our locations. Mail in check payments should also be accompanied by this stub for proper account payment application.

10. Monthly Access is the basic Monthly Recurring Charge per Service Agreement of the account which excludes taxes, fees and surcharges, and excess usage.

11. One-Time Charges include fees such as set-up/activation fees, reconnection fees, early termination fees and other one-time related charges.

12. LTE Data are for excess data charges beyond what is included on your plan/package/bucket.

13. Discounts include recurring discounts on promotions.

14. Taxes/Fees include taxes, fees and surcharges associated with the monthly access and LTE data usage charge.

15. Other include other charges and adjustments applied to the account during the invoiced period.

16. Total represent the net total of all columns.

17. Service Number is a system identification number unique to each Service Agreement under the Master Account.

18. This section of your invoice will list the service numbers and a breakdown of the Service Agreement such as plan name of each Service Agreement on the Master Account.

19. Invoice Notes notifies on events like package change for the Service Agreement during the invoiced period.

20. Date range that appears in this section is the covered period for the specific charge in the invoice.

21. Usage Description provides information on the type of services included on each Service Agreement such as available megabyte included in the package and actual usage for the stated billing period.