Frequently Asked Questions - LTE True 4G

What is iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G?

iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G is an all-new, world-class network service that provides a faster way of connecting to the Internet. LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, is the latest global standard for high-speed data service on mobile devices.

What is the speed of an iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G connection?

Our LTE True 4G technology is 10 times faster than 3G—do Skype calls or watch YouTube HD videos with little to no buffering time. With download speeds of up to 21 mbps and uploads of up to 5 mbps, this means less waiting, more surfing.

What technologies make iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G faster and safer?

With the Alcatel-Lucent name behind this technology, the iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G network on Guam was built from the ground up, utilizing security-enhanced equipment and first-class engineering standards comparable to AT&T© and Verizon© in the U.S.

Our equipment is rated with "Public Safety," which means it can hold up better in inclement weather versus standard commercial equipment. Operating at a lower 700 MHz spectrum, our network is not only better equipped for wider coverage but also has in-building penetration advantages over other networks on higher frequency bands. And, with an extremely secure 128-bit encryption, you can shop online or bank on your phone with confidence.

What is the coverage area of iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G?

At the onset, iConnect's network will cover all of Marine Corps Drive, from Andersen to Big Navy as well as all of Tumon. Check our coverage map to find out if you can get LTE in your area.

What are the ways for me to connect to the Internet through LTE True 4G?

We offer three ways to connect using iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G, through: 1) a USB modem, 2) a MiFi device; and, 3) a high-speed router. In addition, we also offer both indoor and outdoor high-speed routers for commercial purposes.

Will iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G be affordable?

Yes, iCONNECT™ has always believed in offering the best possible service at the best possible rates, and we intend to keep the connection costs affordable.

Why should I get iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G?

With everyday errands and work tasks now accessible via the Internet, lightning-fast connections become extremely important for everyone. To help you achieve a better work-life balance, our mission is to be topmost choice on Guam for you to connect with friends and family and collaborate with peers.

How do I sign-up for iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G?

Please come to our main office to sign-up. You may also fill out our contact form if you have more questions about iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G.