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Less waiting, more surfing.

iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G is an all-new, world-class network service that provides a faster way of connecting to the Internet.

Our LTE True 4G technology is 10 times faster than 3G—do Skype calls or watch YouTube HD videos with little to no buffering time. With download speeds of up to 21 mbps and uploads of up to 5 mbps, this means less waiting, more surfing.

LTE True 4G Features You'll Love
Connect with the power of pure LTE, only from iCONNECT™

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The Most Advanced LTE Network on Guam

Our iCONNECT™ network is created from the ground up by Alcatel-Lucent—the same company that built the AT&T© and Verizon® 4G LTE networks in the U.S.

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Made on Guam

iCONNECT™ started in 1999—with love for Guam in mind. Nearly two decades after, we are still serving up telecommunication innovations that continue to excite Guam.

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Choose Your Connection

Whether you want it for your home, office, or on-the-go, there's an iCONNECT™ connection that's right for you.

LTE True 4G Devices
Whether you want it for your home, office or on-the-go, there's an iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G connection that's right for you!

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Home and Office Router

Jumpstart your home network or reduce office broadband downtime with our plug-and-surf router.

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Mobile Hotspot

Connect up to five devices with this handy portable wireless hotspot that uses iCONNECT™ LTE True 4G MiFi technology.

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Corporate and Large-Scale Application

Get affordable, high speed LTE 4G connection solutions for your large-scale business requirements.