Push-To-Talk Voice Solutions

Connect with Guam's Fastest Wireless Network

Touch, push, talk—and you're instantly connected, in less than a second! Enhance your efficiency and save time by getting more things done.

Get Unlimited Push-To-Talk

Enjoy unlimited Push-To-Talk to four islands: Guam, Rota, Tinian, and Saipan.

Broaden Your Network with the Widest Coverage Area

Use an iCONNECT™ subscriber's radio ID, and contact them any time, any day without racking up your bill. Our PTT subscriber base is the region's largest—you can now contact family and friends, and customers and suppliers with just a push of a button.

Stay Secure with 100% Digital System

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with the utmost security, with our fully-digital system.

Get the Best PTT System in the World

Enjoyed by millions and the topmost choice of PTT companies around the world, iCONNECT™ brings you the Motorola iDEN® for the best PTT experience.

Choose from the Most Number of PTT Phone Options

No matter what your lifestyle or business needs are, we have a phone that fits the requirement: from clean, intrinsically safe units to compact, sleek handsets and weather-resistant, military-spec models.

Increase Work Team Efficiency with Group Talk™

Collaborating with work teams, big and small, has never been so easy. Increase work team efficiency and save your team's time with Group Talk™. With the push of a button, notify all team members of upcoming conference calls or enable them to immediately participate in urgent call meetings.

Note a user can only be active in one talkgroup at a time but can belong to more than one talkgroup. Group Talk™ monthly rate is $10 per talkgroup per radio with a minimum of 5 radios per talkgroup.

Reach More with Nationwide Minutes

iCONNECT™ subscribers can now reach more than 350 million mobile and local phones across the U.S., Alaska, and the CNMI, with no long distance charges. Enjoy the same nationwide minutes, across local cellular calls for both prepaid and postpaid accounts. Nationwide Minutes, which is 12 cents per minute for unlimited prepaid and postpaid plans, are billed separately and do not form part of unlimited plans.

(Note: For postpaid accounts, Nationwide Minutes form part of your free cellular airtime pool. Should you exceed the free cellular airtime allocation, Nationwide Minutes will be charged the same rate as a cellular call depending on the plan subscribed).

Sign up today and get connected!

You can signup with our 14 day, risk-free trial period. Should you find the service unsuitable for your specific needs, simply return the trial device and your deposit will be refunded.